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Infant toys | A guide by Cheeky Junior

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Top 5 Infant Toys This Christmas!

As Christmas fast approaches, gift ideas are being sought and infant toys are often at the top of the list. A baby’s first Christmas is a joyous and treasured occasion for families, and shopping for them is all part of the fun! Read on for ideas on how to spoil that special little person with just the right gift this Christmas.

Christmas Bears

Plush toys are ideal for babies; they are soft, cuddly and colourful, and unlike most toys they often become firm favourites with your child as they grow. A Christmas bear makes a wonderful keepsake for your little ones first Christmas, to treasure for years to come! Check out our beautiful range of “Me to You” Christmas bears and prepare to have your heart melted.

Activity Gyms

For the very little bubs, one of the all-time favorite infant toys is an activity gym. There a variety of types available, usually consisting of a soft floor mat, complete with an arch from which selections of multi-sensory toys hang, close to your baby’s vision and reach. Tummy time can be encouraged from the mat, as your baby takes in the various sights and sounds around them. If your baby could write their own Christmas wish list, an activity gym would surely top the list!

Musical Table

If they haven’t already, your baby will soon enough be sitting unassisted! This is an exciting time for both parents and babies, as they take one of their first steps towards independence and interact from a different level. Musical tables make great infant toys, as they sit and explore the different activities and engage in musical sounds with each press of a button. Offering both education and fun, musical tables make a great Christmas gift that will no doubt continue to provide entertainment as your baby grows into a toddler.

Activity Rattles

Modern baby rattles are far superior to their ancestors past; the latest activity rattles will stimulate a variety of senses with their multiple gadgets! You can get them as a soft toy complete with the trademark rattle noise, crinkle features, clicking beads, mirrors and a variety of textures to stimulate your baby’s sensors. Perfect for taking in the car, pram or picnic rug, a fun toy on the go!

Teething books

Aside from Christmas, another first your baby will experience is teething. Sore gums are unavoidable for most bubs, which is why teething books make a perfect gift for your little ones first year! Books make great gifts for all ages, including babies. Designed with soft material, teething edges and crinkly sections, the stories use colourful and engaging pictures to introduce stories to your little one. Let them be soothed each night with a story before bed, starting this Christmas!

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