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Little Bumble 



MORE Than Your Food Covered!

At Little Bumble we believe EVERYONE can make a difference. To the growing problem of PLASTIC POLLUTION left for generations to come. To the reduction in FOOD WASTAGE, when there are so many going hungry. To providing a HEALTHIER alternative, when chemical exposure is rampant.

And finally, saving your precious TIME and hard earned MONEY by keeping your food fresher for longer, which means smaller grocery bills and less shopping trips. Make the change TODAY and join us in making a difference one wrap at a time.

Little Bumble Reusable Food Wraps are Australia's finest, stylish and sustainable food storage solution. It's as simple as wrap, rinse and reuse and your food will stay fresher for longer. Our wraps last for up to a year and then can be refreshed so they keep going strong. The wraps are resuable, comostable, biodegradable and naturally anti-bacterial makign them the ideal way to store food while being kind to the planet.


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