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Stapelstein Inside Rainbow Classic + Fusion Limited Edition

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Stapelstein Inside Rainbow Classic + Fusion Limited Edition

For a limited time when you purchase a Stapelstein Inside set of 6 in Rainbow or Pastel you will receive a Stapelstein original fusion steppingstone.

Experience the magic of Stapelstein® Inside rainbow classic. Layer after layer of colors inspire a universe of creative play and activity. Build extraordinary rainbow sculptures, create life-size playscapes and discover the popular nesting concept based on the Matryoshka doll.

Unlock what’s inside you!

The Stapelstein® Original fusion
• New and unique! Violet merges with our new light violet color,
• combining summer energy with fall magic. The Special Edition Original fusion
combines violet with our new light violet shade. Classic or pastel – both colors
shine solo and together make a powerful duo. Fusion brings together and
celebrates friendship.
• Get your special Original fusion and add to your Special Edition collection.
• Only available until the end of October.
• Top tip: The new light violet color is expanding our pastel color palette.
For more movement, play and fantasy in children’s everyday life.

Please note for all our wooden toys

As a natural material, wood possesses diverse markings that appear in each of our products, They frequently display growth rings, knots and colour spots, which are not considered defects but rather markers of its natural origin. These characteristics lend a unique touch to each individual toy, adorned with distinct marks gifted by nature. These unique variations are testament to the quality, not defect.