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Cheeky Junior – The Home of Educational Toys For Kids 

At Cheeky Junior, we’re always bursting with bright, fun and educational toys for kids - it can be hard to pick a favourite! Whether you’re looking for educational toys for toddlers, educational baby toys or something to entertain your primary schooler, we ensure that each toy we stock isn’t just loads of fun, it also has an educational and developmental benefit for children.

Our educational toys for kids 

Art & Craft Toys – Our art and craft toys are perfect for developing fine motor skills, increasing dexterity, improving hand-eye coordination and encouraging self-expression, creativity and decision-making skills.

Building Blocks & Construction Toys - Our building bricks and building blocks help teach kids about balance, gravity and geometry. Building blocks can also help children learn colours, shapes, numbers, sizes and how to position blocks to create different structures.

Dollhouses, Pretend Play Toys & Accessories – Our selection of dollhouses, fairy doors, pretend play kitchens and pretend food are perfect for imaginary play. When children engage in pretend play, they engage in the world around them and explore the social roles of life, pretending to be just like you. This helps them to develop socially, emotionally and intellectually as they grow confidence and self-worth.

Learning Toys & Games – Toys like our lacing beads and blocks help to develop a child’s pincer grasp while they thread the needle through the holes. Our magnet toys help children develop their small hand and finger muscles which are essential for drawing and writing.

Games & Puzzles – We have a whole range of puzzles, each helping to grow visual spatial awareness and to develop an understanding of colours, numbers and alphabet. Puzzles are great for developing problem-solving and fine motor skills by having to pick up or pinch/grasp the pieces. Children always feel a great sense of accomplishment once they’ve finished a puzzle making them a great self-esteem builder.

Waldorf & Open-Ended Toys – The focus of Waldorf toys is to be nourishing to the senses, and to inspire the imagination. The Waldorf premise is that the toys are a child’s tools and play is a child’s work.

Wooden Toys & Games – Our wooden toys bring so much opportunity into playtime, they are open-ended toys that can be whatever a child wants them to be, encouraging imagination and developing both cognitive and problem-solving skills. Wooden toys also introduce textures not experienced with plastic toys; they encourage a sensory experience of touching, feeling and exploration.

Outdoor Toys – Outdoor toys encourage outdoor play and the benefits of physical development, creativity, building a positive attitude, improving children’s somewhat small attention span and improving their fine and gross motor skills. Most importantly, outdoor toys get them into the fresh air and away from technology.

Sensory Toys – Sensory toys play a significant role in childhood development and helping children learn about sensory attributes such as hot, cold, sticky or dry. Sensory play supports problem-solving skills, fine and gross motor skills, language development, cognitive growth and social interaction. Playing with sensory toys also develops a child’s memory as well as providing comfort and a calming effect for anxious children.

Dolls, Knitted Toys & Plush Toys – Playing with dolls and plush toys builds social skills and develops responsibility, empathy and compassion. It encourages imagination and development of language skills. Beyond this, these toys are best known for their ability to provide comfort.

Push and Pull Toys – Touching, smelling, pushing, rolling - our push and pull toys deliver these sensory experiences to babies, toddlers and older children. They demonstrate cause and effect and can assist in helping a toddler to walk.

We have more than just a collection of toys at Cheeky Junior, it’s a carefully selected range of educational toys for kids that will have a positive impact on their childhood development. At Cheeky Junior, we strive to be the destination for educational toys online in Australia and hope we become the destination for your family.

For enriching educational toys for kids, start your shopping journey with our NEW PRODUCTS.

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