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Waytopay the flexible toy road.

Waytoplay makes high-quality flexible rubber roads that are great for playing indoors and out. Made of high grade, child-safe rubber, Waytoplay is not just a toy, but a dutch design original made to last. Straights, curves, parking spaces, roundabouts, junctions and more make up our open-ended sets that can be added to, and with our space saving roads, you can easily turn any place into a waytoplay wonderland! Let your child find their way to play and become King of the Road!

Waytoplay provides the tools to make up their own game at home, on the go, indoors and out and this is all it takes to unleash their imagination is a fun challenge. Waytoplay encourages inventiveness, problem solving skills, and creativity - essential skills that will keep on giving throughout a child's life. Waytoplay stands for 100% unplugged and offline fun.

Waytoplay is the unbreakable, weatherproof road set that manufactures in Germany.

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