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Curious Kids Sensory FizzOFoam Fizz and Sniff 250g

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Curious Kids Sensory FizzOFoam Fizz and Sniff

Engaging in olfactory play allows your child to discover different scents. Some children may have dislikes towards specific smells, but olfactory play can provide them with positive scent experiences. It can help them become more receptive to various scents, develop a tolerance to different sensory inputs, embrace new flavors, and introduce a sense of "taste" without feeling pressured to eat.

When choosing scented bases for your FizzOFoam, consider whether your child needs stimulation or relaxation, as scents can have either an alerting or calming effect on the nervous system.

Red – Strawberry Delight: Stimulating

The excitement of the red is balanced beautifully with playful fragrance designed to invigorate in a fun yet soothing way. Both colour and smell of this FizzleFoam scent are great to utilise before your little one has a meal as key visual and olfactory elements may stimulate appetite.

Notes: Top notes: fresh strawberry and peach; middle notes: raspberry and sugar cane; base notes: musk and vanilla.

Pink – Unicorn Farts: Calming

This stress busting, focus improving blend holds a special combination of sight and scents that have been known to support learning, activate memory and help alleviate anxiety.

Visual: Pink conveys Sweetness, Compassion, Sophistication and Sincerity.

Notes: Top notes: blueberry, raspberry and goji berry; middle notes: cotton candy, pomegranate and cranberry juice; base notes: musk and creamy vanilla

Purple – Lavender: Calming

This warm, peaceful blend works subtly in the background to soothe & calm as your little one plays, contributing to mental balance and peace of mind

Visual: Purple gives a feeling of luxury and comfort, and is calming to the mind and nerves.

Note: Top notes: fresh lemon and bergamot; middle notes: rosemary and fresh lavender; base notes: cedarwood and warm amber.

Blue – Tropical Blue: Stimulating

This fragrance and colour combination represents all the ocean symbolises beautifully; it is both invigorating and soothing. Just as the ocean is calming and energetic at the same time, this FizzleFoam symbolises power tethered by tides.

Visual: Blue triggers feelings of trust, confidence, peace and loyalty.

Notes: Top notes: lime and lemon; middle notes: sweet cream and pineapple; base notes: vanilla and musk.

Green – Green Toffee Apple: Stimulating

Bring the invigoration of the forest into play time! The freshness of the pine filled outdoors can help lift the crankies, loosen mucus and resolve respiratory issues. The peppery, minty scent of this Fizz & Sniff base can help relieve tension and alleviate the symptoms of upper respiratory irritation; the perfect, fun distraction for your sniffling little one.

Visual: The color green evokes a feeling of hopefulness, responsibility, comfort and energy, healing and freshness.

Notes: Top notes: green apple and melon; middle notes: pear, peach and maple syrup; base notes: creamy caramel and vanilla.

Yellow – Lemon Myrtle: Stimulating

Boost the body's "feel good chemical", seratonin. The scent of lemon is believed to have a stimulating effect on the nervous system, which can help to reduce feelings of anxiety and stress. This unique and refreshing combination supports the respiratory system and soothes the physical discomforts associated with congestion.

Visual: Yellow ellicits feelings of creativity, happiness, warmth and cheer.

Notes: Top notes are lemon and eucalyptus; middle notes: sage and lemon verbena; base notes: patchouli and sandalwood.

Orange –Orange & Peach: Calming

A gentle blend of soothing, harmonious scents meet the gentle invigoration of orange. While calming the nerves this blend has the potential to bring a twist of attentive energy to your little one's day.

Visual: Orange can inspire courage, enthusiasm, rejuvenation, and vitality. It can also have a stimulating effect, particularly on the appetite.

Notes: Top notes: bergamot and orange; middle notes: peach blossom and white jasmine; base notes: ylang ylang and musk.

Brown – Peppermint Crisp: Minty fresh chocolately goodness

What’s not to love, like an invigorating hug from inside.

Notes: Top notes: peppermint and blueberry; middle notes: marshmallow, chantilly cream and cacao bean; base notes: vanilla and musk.

Black – Galaxy : Imagine what the star filled night sky might smell like – this is it.

Fresh, mysterious, and magical, it makes your senses twinkle. Mixed blend of gold, blue, pink, purple and silver bio glitter to add a twinkle to the eye.

Notes: Top notes: raspberry, strawberry; middle notes: aniseed and almond; base notes: vanilla and sugar syrup.

White – Citrus: The very reason dogs like driving with their head out the car window.

What a blast of freshness. Dehydrated zesty orange chunks with bio glitter.

Trio - Bubblegum: Bring back those childhood memories with this fruity favourite.

Sweet and juicy just like the real thing!

Notes: Top notes: raspberry strawberry; middle notes: jasmine banana; base notes: vanilla tonka bean.

When indulging in the delightful fizzling and foaming scents, it is important to exercise caution as they might cause eye irritation, and some individuals may find the fragrance overpowering.

Every bag is conveniently packed in approximately 250g resealable pouch. Although the scents are incredibly pleasant, it's important to note that these products are designed as toys and should not be consumed. They are non-toxic and washable, but there may still be some slight staining especially to white plastic. 

FizzOFoam Sensory is carefully crafted using food-grade ingredients, natural components, non toxic ingredients, & skin safe fragrances, which may result in subtle variations in colours. Please take note that, like any product of its kind, there is a possibility of mild irritation if applied to open wounds or cuts. In such cases, it is important to thoroughly rinse the affected area with clean water and discontinue use of the product.

To ensure safety, we strongly advise adult supervision when handling our products. Small pieces and loose parts can be a choking hazard, which is why we recommend our products for children aged 3 and above.

Please note for all our wooden toys

As a natural material, wood possesses diverse markings that appear in each of our products, They frequently display growth rings, knots and colour spots, which are not considered defects but rather markers of its natural origin. These characteristics lend a unique touch to each individual toy, adorned with distinct marks gifted by nature. These unique variations are testament to the quality, not defect.