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Nom Handcrafted Santa

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Nom Handcrafted Santa

Did You Know? Santa Claus, as we know him today, is based on the legend of Saint Nicholas, a Christian bishop who lived during the fourth century. Over the centuries, his story evolved into the modern Santa Claus, known for his generosity and gift-giving spirit.

This jolly Santa Claus figurine is perfect for capturing the holiday spirit,  whether it's decorating the tree, telling tales of Rudolph's adventures, or leaving cookies on Christmas Eve.


* Size: 11cm x 5cm

* Crafted from sustainably and ethically sourced hard maple wood

* EN71 compliant watercolours and hardening oil-based sealant

* Age: 3+

Please note:

NOM Handcrafted toys are handmade, and each subject to differences in wood grain, colour and size. They are not machined perfection, but rather an expression of perfectly imperfect.

All materials and finishes used are child-safe, however they are not intended to be mouthed or wet. Please use under adult supervision. 

NOM Handcrafted animals have been designed with an open-ended play pedagogy in mind – perfect for engaging your child in imaginative, small world play with no limit on what stage they might create. Small world play is wonderful for encouraging language development, social connections and learning about our place within a rich and vibrantly diverse world. 

Please note for all our wooden toys

As a natural material, wood possesses diverse markings that appear in each of our products, They frequently display growth rings, knots and colour spots, which are not considered defects but rather markers of its natural origin. These characteristics lend a unique touch to each individual toy, adorned with distinct marks gifted by nature. These unique variations are testament to the quality, not defect.