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Raduga Grez Dreamer Building Blocks

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Raduga Grez Dreamer Building Blocks

Little visionaries grow up to be great discoverers.

With these building blocks, you can dream: simple details do not impose their game, easily combine with each other and become anything. One and the same element can be the roof of an old tower, a fountain or a mushroom over a sandbox in the yard.

The building blocks have no instructions, but there are a thousand and one ways to assemble it. The central square of an old city, a farmers' market, a cozy restaurant, a train, a factory or a skyscraper - and each time it will turn out differently.

The building blocks are great to play with the whole family: you can show the children the village where you spent your holidays as a child, remember a cozy resort town from a family trip, or come up with places where you just have to visit together.

Please note for all our wooden toys

As a natural material, wood possesses diverse markings that appear in each of our products, They frequently display growth rings, knots and colour spots, which are not considered defects but rather markers of its natural origin. These characteristics lend a unique touch to each individual toy, adorned with distinct marks gifted by nature. These unique variations are testament to the quality, not defect.